Michigan Twin Neurogenetics Study (MTwiNS)


The goal of the MTwiNS study is to better understand brain and behavior development in a sample of twins. Specifically, using a twin design, we are collaborating with researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) to examine gene-environment interactions to understand how differences in behavior emerge. MTwiNS builds on a study by S. Alexandra Burt at MSU called “The Twin  Study of Behavioral and Emotional Development in Children (TBED-C)” which is part of the broader MSU Twin Registry.  We are currently following up with families that previously participated in the TBED-C. These families include twins that are age 7 – 15 years old.  During their visit to the MiND lab, families engage in an MRI session, clinical interviews, family interactions, and self-reports from the child and parent.  This study is ongoing and funded by the University of Michigan and in collaboration with Dr. Burt’s lab at MSU.