Law Student Kevin Kim and Music student Senna Moon

Each semester undergraduate students work in the MiND lab as research assistants (for credit) or as volunteers. Their involvement is vital to the operations of the lab and involves such responsibilities as participation in home visits with families; running fMRI sessions on North campus; and collecting survey, observational, and genetic data in East Hall. Other auxiliary tasks include data entry, childcare, literature reviews, and participating in weekly lab meetings.


What we’re looking for in an applicant:
- Skill and experience working with children and families
- Evening and weekend availability
- Willingness to work spring/summer term
- Psychology or related major
- 3.6 GPA or higher
-Preference will be given to students who have taken PSYCH 250 (Introduction to Developmental Psychology) and PSYCH 270 (Introduction to Psychopathology)
-Students able to work in the spring/summer term may also be given preference

If you’re interested in applying, please email mindlaboratory@umich.edu with the following information:

- Year, major, and GPA
- List of psychology courses you’ve taken
- Brief description of prior research experience
- Resume